Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Fever Is Not Must Be Sick

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Often we feel the body feels hot, and often we call a fever. Fever arguably number two diseases after headache that is often suffered by most humans. both children and adults. When the fever, we often worry "well maybe the dengue hit", yes it's that one of the symptoms. But not all febrile illness that leads to horror, are like scarlet fever.

Fever is the body's mechanism of sound when battling an illness. The body is said to fever if the temperature is more than normal, which is 37.5 degrees Celsius measured with a thermometer. Fever is the body's alarm was to fight against the disorder.

Fever can be caused by two things:

1. Adjustment With Environment
Under normal circumstances, the body temperature is regulated by a central regulator of body temperature in the hypothalamus. If the ambient temperature rises or falls, the body sends a signal to the central regulating body temperature to adjust.

Adjustment process is the display mechanism. For example, if the air around the cold, the blood vessels to reduce body heat expenditure. Conversely, if the outdoor air heat, dilated blood vessels and sweat glands are working to remove the moisture.

2. Against infection.

When the white blood cells as a 'force' against disease are working hard against the enemy, then when it was the chemicals that are released in the blood stream and sends a report to the brain. This report then responded with an order to increase body temperature. The reason, to inhibit the proliferation of disease entry. In addition, it is expected to help stimulate the manufacture of antibodies.

If you feel a little feverish body or fever, take the medicine according to hurry dose. If the fever does not go down within a period of 2-3 days, see a doctor immediately.